ADV24 Regulations




FREE Association for the Promotion of Alternative Tourism, based in Gdańsk

Association representative - Tomek Staniszewski

Tel: +48 607 318 880


The co-organiser is the R-Pro Sports Club, based in Suchy Dąb at 65 Gdańska Street.

Club representative - Maksymilian Staniszewski


  1. The organiser of  ADV24 2024, edition Drawsko Pomorskie, taking place on 18-21.07.2024 (hereinafter: “the Rally”) is the Association for the Promotion of Alternative Tourism FREE (hereinafter: “the Association”).
  2. When submitting an entry form for the Rally, a Non-Member of the Association shall make a declaration of accession to the Association and undertake to fulfil the obligations set out in the Act on Associations and the Articles of Association.



  1. The rally is intended for riders (with a FIM licence) and amateurs (without a FIM licence) wishing to improve their off-road motorbike handling and navigation skills.
  2. The rally aims to promote sport with an emphasis on the principles of fair-play, the dissemination of safety principles in motorsport and road rules.
  3. The rally also aims to promote motorbike tourism and the regions where the event takes place.



Date: 18-21/07/2024

Address: Gudowo k/Drawsko Pomorskie, Lubieresort Centre



Rally Commander - Tomek Staniszewski

Deputy Commander - Maksymilian Staniszewski

Chief Judge - Paweł Morawski

Technical Judge - Tomasz Nowak



Applications for the competition are accepted on the application form available at The following documents and declarations must be completed and submitted before the start of the competition, at the competition office on the day of the event.

When reporting the formal acceptance of the competition, the competitor must provide:

  1. driving licence
  2. a motorbike that meets the requirements of the Highway Code, together with a registration certificate with a valid technical inspection
  3. proof of motor third-party liability insurance
  4. protective helmet with valid approval and motorbike clothing with protection
  5. health card with a valid medical examination - competitors with a driving licence
  6. a FIM sports licence (if the rider has one) or an international licence suitable for motorbike racing.
  7. confirmation of accident insurance for the duration of the competition - competitors with a driving licence
  8. motorbike equipped with Road Book scroller/holder or phone with Easy Rally app.

And Sign:

  1. Amateur Competitor Statement - for unlicensed competitors.
  2. familiarise yourself with the competition rules.



Competition office address: Lubieresort Gudowo centre near Drawsko Pomorskie

Tel: +48 607 318 880


Office opening hours:

- on 18.07.2024 from 13:00 to 21:30



Rally base area: Lubieresort Gudowo close to Drawsko Pomorskie.

Tel: +48 607 318 880

Technical acceptance hours:

- on 18.07.2024 from 13:00 to 21:30.

Additional collection (outside of Rally Office opening hours) amounts to PLN 100.



The competitors’ briefing will take place on 18.07.2024 at 22:00 at the rally base. Attendance compulsory.



Competitors are required to have starting numbers assigned and provided by the Organiser.

The starting number must be affixed to the front fairing of the motorbike before the technical inspection.



The ADV24 event does not have a division into typical classes like an ER rally.

Everyone can take part in a regularity tests. 

  1. This is an amateur rally; a competitor does not need a rally licence. A competitor without a rally licence is required to sign the Amateur Competitor Declaration.
  2. The competitor must have a valid driving licence, and the vehicle must have a valid technical inspection and third-party insurance.
  3. the order of registration and the order of payment of the entry fee determines the start of the event.
  4. The organiser sets the crew limit at 200 competitors (participants) in the Rally.
  5. Vehicles will be allowed to participate in the event if they pass the Technical Examination at the rally base.
  6. A person commissioned by the organiser will carry out the Technical Examination.

The purpose of the Technical Inspection at the rally base, is to check the lighting, condition of the tyres, validity of the technical inspection and general condition of the vehicle. A motorcycle that does not meet the standards for off-road vehicles and is not in good technical condition will not be admitted to the rally.

The motorbike must be equipped with a Road Book scroller or a phone with the Easy Rally app.


11. FEES

  1. Participation in the Rally is subject to payment of a fee of PLN 1 000 (hereafter referred to as the “Fee”).
  2. Each Competitor, as a Member of the Association, contributes to the costs of organising the Rally and is jointly and severally liable for the liabilities incurred for the organisation of the Rally.
  3. The Organiser has the right to cancel the Rally if, as a result of:

(a) force majeure, or:

(b) a decision by a government or local authority, or:

(c) the decisions of the owners and managers of the properties through which the route of the Rally passes, or:

(d) other administrative acts or statements by third parties organisation of the Rally proves impossible or significantly impeded.

In the event of cancellation of the Rally for the reasons specified in sec. 3, the Organiser shall be obliged to refund the Fee, subject to section 5.

  1. If, prior to the cancellation of the Rally, the Organiser has made financial outlays for the organisation of the Rally or has incurred liabilities for this purpose, these are subject to payment in the first instance from the sum of the collected Fees. After payment of all amounts due, the remaining sum shall be divided proportionally among the Competitors. Each of the Contestants who have paid the Fee will be refunded the amount resulting from the quotient of the sum remaining after settling the liabilities incurred for the purpose of the rally and the number of Competitors.
  2. At the request of the Competitor, the Organiser is obliged to provide a settlement of the costs incurred in organising the Rally, by which the amount of the Fees subject to reimbursement has been proportionally reduced in accordance with par. 4 and 5 above. In particular, the Organiser is obliged to make available to the Competitor for inspection contracts or invoices or other evidence of payment confirming the fact of incurring these costs.

If it is necessary to preserve trade secrets or the secrecy of personal data of third parties or other legally protected secrets, the Organiser may determine the manner in which the Competitor’s right to inspect the documents may be exercised, but this manner may not lead to the actual exclusion or limitation of the exercise of the Competitor’s right to inspect these documents.

  1. The Organiser undertakes not to enter into any further obligations concerning the organisation of the Rally after obtaining information or decisions which make it impossible to carry out the Rally and which actualise the right to cancel the Rally in accordance with paragraph 3 above.
  2. The Organiser undertakes to exercise due diligence to obtain partial reimbursement of organisational costs of the Rally or to limit its liabilities - in case of the Rally’s cancellation - if legal regulations, provisions of agreements concluded with contractors or the nature of the liabilities incurred allow for this. However, the competitor declares that, as a Member of the Association, he/she bears part of the risk connected with the necessity to incur organisational costs regardless of whether the Rally actually takes place.
  3. If there is a surplus between the sum of the collected Fees and the sum of expenses and liabilities incurred in organising the Rally, this surplus will be transferred for the realisation of the Association’s statutory aims. The surplus (if any) from a previously organised Rally may be used to satisfy claims of suppliers of goods or services resulting from the organisation of the Rally, the cancellation of which has become justified or necessary.
  4. The fee includes:
    1. the organisation of the rally, the organisation of the rally base, all permits and approvals
    2. preparation of the Road Book in print and electronic versions
    3. organiser’s liability insurance
    4. rental of a button for the Easy Rally application
    5. medical security
    6. technical protection - 4x4 vehicles with trailers
    7. starter package (T-shirt, sticker)
    8. preparation of photo and video material and rally reports
    9. prizes and gifts
  5. The fee does not include:
    1. compulsory accident insurance, the extent of which is decided by the competitor and paid for during registration at the rally base.
    2. printing of paper rolls of the road book. The fee for the rolls is PLN 150 PLN and is paid by bank transfer when signing up.
    3. GimTrack system rental - 50 PLN (payable at the time of installation of the device)
  6. Payment for the rally should be made to the Organiser’s bank account, with the note “Entry fee for EnduroRally24”.


Transfer details:

Owner of the bank account - Stowarzyszenie Promocji Turystyki FREE

IBAN NUMBER - PL 68 1140 2004 0000 3002 7842 7260


  1. A separate cost of participation in the rally, the accommodation and meal fee is payable on the spot at the rally base directly to the hotel owner, depending on the accommodation and meal option chosen.
  2. The fee paid will not be refunded in the event the rally is cancelled.



  1. The personal data of participants in the ADV24 2024 will be processed for the purposes of conducting the event, selecting the winners and awarding, issuing, collecting and settling prizes and for marketing purposes.
  2. The processing of the data referred to in paragraph 1 of this section in connection with participation in ADV24 2024 shall also include the publication of the participant’s name.
  3. By taking part in the competition, all participants consent to the processing of their personal data and image by the Organisers and their partners. This is in connection with the promotion and implementation of the competition.
  4. The participant has the right to access and correct his/her personal data;
  5. All information concerning participants obtained by the Organiser and contained in the application form will be recorded electronically and will in any case be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018 (Journal of Laws 2018 item 1000) and the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation);



  1. The organiser accepts no responsibility for any damage and loss caused to Competitors and their property, or for damage and loss caused by competitors to third parties and their property.
  2. The organiser informs that each competitor is financially responsible for any damage to crops, fields and other damage caused by himself.

The competition is insured against liability.

Participants are bound by the provisions of the Road Traffic Code (not applicable to competitions in closed areas).

The Organiser informs that it is strictly forbidden for competitors/participants and bystanders to use the competition area and route except for those permitted by the Organiser during the entire competition and preparation. In the event of a breach of the prohibitions, the Organiser accepts no responsibility for any damage arising in these situations and they are not subject to insurance claims for the event.

  1. Neither the organiser nor the carrier is responsible for any property entrusted to them for transport e.g. to the rally base.
  2. The organiser has the right to cancel the event without giving a reason. In this case, the fee will be refunded in full.
  3. The limit for crews at the rally is a maximum of 250 competitors.
  4. Due to the change of the date of Enduro Rally 24 from 13-16.06.2024 to 18-21.07.2024, it is possible to cancel the rally with a full refund of 100% of the paid amount. It is required to send information by e-mail (to to the organiser, until 29.02.2024. Resignation from the rally after this date does not entail reimbursement of the paid entry fee.



A sporting/show class, intended for historic motorbikes whose model entered production before 2002 and whose prototypes or production versions took part in the Dakar Rally.

  1. The motorbikes should look as similar as possible to their rally counterparts; however, a full reproduction of the competing vehicles is not required, only a reference to them and keeping the motorbikes in the era’s style. Paint finishes are optional, but replicas are welcome.
  2. Frame - must come from a production motorbike or be a replica of a prototype frame. The original frame may be modified to suit a rally counterpart. An engine historically related to the style and era may be fitted to the frame.
  3. Engine - must be historically rally approved, or at least a prototype or twin model, but with e.g. altered capacity. The engine may be freely modified.
  4. Fuel supply - fuel supply should be by carburettor, fuel injection will only be allowed if such has been present on the model in question during its participation in the rally. Modifications of carburettors, controllers and injectors are allowed, but must be based on components or their replicas available at the time.
  5. Ignition system – any existing solution may be used.
  6. Suspension - the external appearance of the suspension and the suspension system solution must remain compatible with the production version or its rally equivalent. Internal suspension components may be changed or modified without limitation.
  7. Braking system - any, but it must be unquestionably in working order; both wheels of the motorbike must have an independent brake.
  8. Lighting - any lighting system that completely allows riding on civilian roads.
  9. bodywork - any, referring in its appearance to the “Dakar legends”. All bodywork components must be permanently mounted in a way that does not cause danger to the driver or other rally participants.
  10. It is the rider’s responsibility to document that their motorbike meets the conditions for competing in the “Dakar Legends” class. Photos, internet publications, books or descriptions in the press may be used.


15. ADV24 participants must download the Sportity app.

This will be the only channel of communication with participants.

The application is free of charge.

Password for ADV24 event - ENDURORALLY2024