ADV RALLY is an event for users of ADV and enduro motorbikes (adapted for expeditions and ON-ROAD tourism).

The rally route takes in some of the most beautiful asphalt roads in the Stockholm Archipelago and central Sweden.

This is the first event, future routes will take place in some of Europe’s most interesting countries.

The concept of the rally is to drive using the Road Book and sections with regularity tests.

This is an event for those passionate about alternative tourism, want to gain new experiences, share their own and experience an atmospheric motorbike rally.

ADV RALLY is where you will meet many great people with passion and experience new and outstanding places.


The event is preceded by the ADV24 off-road rally, which could be the first stage.

In total, the route of both events is 1,800 km and 550 nautical miles.

More about ADV24 - INFO and PROGRAMME




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