EnduroRally24 Programme

Date - 18-21.07.2024 (Thursday - Sunday)

Rally Camp - Lubie Resort, Gudowo, 4 km from Drawsko Pomorskie. Poland.



Rally route:

For the RALLY, RALLYADV, and DAKAR LEGENDS classes - Qualification Stage, over 320 km of Special Stages plus access roads.

The 2024 edition will be a typical navigation rally.


Classification and classes at the rally:

- OVERALL CLASIFICATION - for all competitors at Enduro Rally 24

- RALLY1 - sports class, light enduro motorbikes (single), from 250 to 550 ccm

- RALLY2 - sports class, light enduro motorbikes (single), 550 to 800 ccm

- RALLYADV1 - sports class, enduro and ADV motorbikes (two-cylinder) from 550 to 1,050 ccm

- RALLYADV2 - sports class, enduro and ADV (two-cylinder) motorbikes from 1,050 ccm upwards

- DAKAR LEGEDNS“PIONIER” - sports class, enduro motorbikes (from production up to 1993) that competed in the Paris-Dakar Rally. It is possible to start with equivalents of these motorbikes, similar versions or rally motorbikes from the era.

- Dakar LEGENDS “CLASSIC” - sports class, enduro motorbikes (whose production started between 1994 and 2002 that competed in the Paris-Dakar Rally. It is possible to start with equivalents of these motorbikes, similar versions or seasonal rally motorbikes.

- CLASSIC - sports class, enduro motorbikes (from production up to 1993)

Additional classifications:

- Rookie - for the best rookie at Enduro Rally 24 2024

- Women’s classification.

- Dakar Legends - competition to find the most interesting replica and rally motorbike from the era.

- Diverse Extreme Team Cup - an overnight navigational rally within the Rally, Rally ADV and Dakar Legends classes - for interested parties, outside the general classification.

Details of all classes are specified in the Rally Regulations.

At the same time there will be a tourist rally ADV24, which will lead participants through the beautiful landscapes of the Drawsko Lake District. The route of the rally will be more than 500 km and will include regularity driving sections.

ADV24 - See the PROGRAMME for details.


Event plan:

Thursday, 18.07.2024, Lubie Resort rally base.

13.00 - 21.30 - Registration of competitors (at the rally base area).

Collection of the starter kit (T-shirt, sticker, road book) and technical inspection.

The necessary and formal conditions for taking part in the rally are specified in the regulations.

From 18:00 - Dinner

At 22:15 - Briefing for all competitors and participants. The briefing is compulsory.

At 23:00 - Briefing in English language. 


Friday, 19.07.2024

7:00 - 9:00 - Breakfast

9:00 - Rally class prologue

10:30 - Prologue for RallyADV and Dakar Legends classes

12:00 - 13:00 - Lunch at the rally base

14:00 – Start of Special Stages

from 18:00 - Dinner

from 21:30 - Start of the night stage (Navigation Cup for those wishing to participate)


Saturday, 20.07.2024

7:00 - 9:00 - Breakfast

8:00 - Starts for Special Stages

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch break

14:00 - Starts for Special Stages

from 18:00 - Dinner

21:00 - Summary of the rally, awarding of prizes


Sunday, 21.07.2024

8:00 - 10:00 Breakfast 


Navigating on the rally.

Route navigation for all classes is via the Road Book.

The Road Book type is selectable:

- paper - standard format for manual or electric scooters

- electronic - as EasyRally app for smartphones (IOS, Android).

Details of the Road Book electronic book are specified in the regulations.

Instructions on how to use the Easy Rally app can be seen in both videos:




The results of the rally in the sports classes, are influenced by:

- the sum of the times of all the Special Stages

- the recorded journey through the Checkpoints

- possible time penalties

Navigation Cup - overnight section time (for those interested)


GimTrack System:

Each participant in Enduro Rally 24 and ADV24 will have GimTrack system installed, which is responsible for monitoring riders during the rally. Installation instructions and details of the device will be published on the official channel of the rally on the Sportity app.



The rally’s base is located at Lubie Lake, at the Lubie Resort.

Accommodation options in the rally town:

- camping (own tents) – PLN 50/night - payable at the reception of the resort

- camper camping (car with a trailer, vans, campers, etc.) – PLN 80/night + PLN 20/person - payable at the reception of the resort

- M Club hotel - individual booking (by phone at the hotel reception)

Accommodation is also available in Gudowo and Drawsko Pomorskie - individual booking.



The organiser provides the possibility to buy packages of meals served by the hotel restaurant (breakfast and dinner) - reservation of packages during registration, settlement at the rally base directly with the hotel.

Cost of packages: 

- 280 PLN - breakfast (Friday, Saturday) + dinner (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

- 330 PLN - breakfast (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) + dinner (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

The rally organiser provides Friday and Saturday lunch at the rally break.


The cost of participation in the rally consists of:

- REGISTRATION FEE - amounting to PLN 1 200 for all classes.

It is possible to pay in two instalments. First instalment of PLN 600 after enrolment, the second instalment of PLN 600 until 10/06/2024

Payment should be made to our bank account.

Account number details:

Owner of the bank account - Stowarzyszenie Promocji Turystyki FREE

IBAN NUMBER - PL 68 1140 2004 0000 3002 7842 7260



- ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS FEE (payable on the spot at the hotel reception).


Entry fee covers:

- organisation of the rally, preparation of Special Stages

- organisation of the rally ground

- Motoresults time measurement

- preparation of rally routes, access routes

- preparation of Road Books

- hiring a button to control the Easy Rally application

- organiser’s liability insurance

- Off-Road Rescue Team - medical cover for special stages

- Judging of Special Stages and rally services

- technical protection - 2 x 4x4 vehicle with trailer

- participation package (T-shirt, sticker)

- preparation of photo and video material and coverage of the rally

- prizes and gifts

- Friday and Saturday lunch during the rally interval


The entry fee does not cover:

- accommodation and meal costs

- NNW insurance for competitors - two options to choose from (PLN 40 or 80), payable at the rally office

- printing of Road Book rolls - payable by bank transfer of PLN 150 together with the entry fee

- deposit for rental of Easy Rally button - PLN 150 (payable at the Rally Office)

- GimTrack system rental - 50 PLN (payable at the time of installation of the device)

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or telephone.


Attention. Each participant is required to download the Sportity app (free of charge). This is the app used for rallies like Baja, Dakar etc.

This will be the only channel of communication with the competitors.

Event Password - ENDURORALLY2024