ADV24 Programme

Date of event:

I STAGE ADV24 Bieszczady - Masuria 09-13/09/2023 (Saturday - Wednesday)

Attention: There is a possibility to continue the rally as a

II STAGE ADV RALLY - Masuria - Gdańsk - Sweden - Gdańsk 14-17/09/2023 (Thursday - Sunday)

More about the ADV RALLY - link

Please note that the start of the ADV24 rally requires the use of an off-road tyre, while the ADV RALLY runs on asphalt roads - before the start of the ADV RALLY there will be an opportunity to use the tyre service of ST-Motors, which is located in Straszyn, 20 minutes drive from the start of the ADV RALLY, or to run the whole route on one set of tyres.

ADV24 rally length - approx. 1,000 km (ca. 85% off road)

Length of the ADV RALLY - approx. 500 km (100% on road)

Connector of both rallies - approx. 300 km (50/50)


ADV24 rally bases:

  1. Rally start. Bieszczady. Rajskie 09-10/09
  2. Roztocze. Łówcza 10-11/09
  3. Podlasie. Malinowo 11-12/09
  4. Rally finish. Masuria, Kamionki 12-13/09



The rally route largely follows the ER24 rally 2021 edition concept, with the rally starting in the Bieszczady Mountains and finishing in Masuria. Three full driving days, covering over 1,000 km.

The route, which is 85% off-road roads, will offer the opportunity to compete in regularity test and to drive some of the most interesting sections from the ER24 2021.



The ADV24 event does not have a division into typical classes like an ER rally.

Everyone can take part in a regularity test and try two sports - orienteering and a football match.


Event plan:

Saturday 09 September 2023 Base 1. Rajskie, Bieszczady.

14:00 – 21:30 - Registration of participants (at the rally base area).

Collection of the starter kit (T-shirt, sticker, road book) and technical examination.

The necessary and formal conditions for participation in the event are specified in the regulations.

from 19:00 - Dinner

22:00 - Check-in for all participants. The briefing is compulsory.


Sunday 10 September

from 8:00 - Breakfast

from 10:00 - Departure on the Bieszczady - Roztocze route (base 2)

19:00 - Start of orienteering (for those wishing to participate)

from 19:00 - Dinner at the base


Monday 11 September

from 8:00 - Breakfast

from 9:00 - Departure on the Roztocze - Podlasie route (base 3)

from 19:00 - Dinner at the base


Tuesday 12 September

from 8:00 - Breakfast

from 09:00 - Departure on the Podlasie – Masuria route (base 4)

18:00 - Football match Participants - Organisers :)

from 19:00 - Dinner at the base

20:00 - Summary of the rally, awarding of prizes

21:00 - LIVE Music


Wednesday 13 September

from 8:00 - Breakfast

Closing of the event

from 10:00 - Departure on the route Mazury - Vistula Spit, Piaski - for the participants of the 2nd stage of the ADV RALLY

from 19:00 Dinner at the base


Thursday 14 September (for participants of the ADV RALLY)

from 8:00 - Breakfast

Departure to Gdansk, possible tyre service at ST-Motors

16:00 ADV RALLY starts at the Polferries Gdańsk Westerplatte ferry terminal


Navigating on ADV24.

Route navigation for all participants is via the Road Book.

The Road Book type remains to be chosen:

- paper - standard format for manual or electric scrollers
- electronic - as EasyRally app for smartphones (IOS, Android).

Details of the Road Book electronic book are specified in the regulations.

Instructions for using the Easy Rally app can be seen in both videos:



All four of the rally’s bases have camping areas and the possibility of sleeping in vans, camper vans and own tents etc.

The accommodation cost at the four rally bases is PLN 160/person.

Accommodation outside the rally bases can only be arranged on your own.



Meals will be prepared for participants and accompanying persons at all four rally bases.

Saturday (dinner), Sunday (breakfast + dinner), Monday (breakfast + dinner), Tuesday (breakfast + dinner), Wednesday (breakfast).

The cost of all meals is PLN 360/person.


The cost of attending the event consists of:

- REGISTRATION FEE, amounting to PLN 850 (payable by bank transfer)

The payment can be made in two instalments. The first instalment of PLN 450, immediately after signing up (the order of the first payment determines participation in the event), the second instalment of PLN 400 until 31/07/2023.

Payment of the entry fee should be made to the following account:

FREE Association for the Promotion of Alternative Tourism

Account number PL 68 1140 2004 0000 3002 7842 7260


- FEE FOR ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD (payable locally, at the rally base, in cash)


Entry fee covers:

- organisation of the event, preparation of off-road routes and regularity sections

- necessary permits

- organisation of rally bases

- preparation of Road Books

- hiring a button to control the Easy Rally app

- organiser’s liability insurance

- medical protection - Off Road Rescue Team

- event management

- technical protection - 2 x 4x4 vehicle with trailer

- starter kit (T-shirt, sticker)

- preparation of photo and video material and coverage of the rally

- prizes and gifts

The entry fee does not cover:

accident insurance – PLN 40 (up to 50,000) or PLN 80 (up to,100 000) - payable at the rally office

printing of the Road Book roll (PLN 150) - payable by bank transfer together with the entry fee



The organiser can help with transport of tyres, camping equipment etc. - interested parties can contact us by email.

This also applies to the combined events ADV24 and ADV RALLY


Please note that each participant is required to download the Sportity app.

It will be the only channel of communication with participants. The application is free of charge. You should also enable notifications in the settings.

Password for ADV24 event - loveadv


If you have any questions, please contact us by email or telephone.