REGULATIONS of EnduroRally24 2019



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Address: Gdańsk 80-126 Myśliwska 26d/10

Representative - Tomek Staniszewski

Phone: 607 318 880




1. The rally is intended for competitors and amateurs (without a license) who want to improve their skills in cross-terrain motorcycling and navigation.

2. The goal of the rally is to promote sport with an emphasis on fair-play rules, dissemination of safety rules in motor sports and traffic rules.

3. The goal of the rally is also to promote motorcycle tourism and promote the region in which the event takes place.



Date: 05-08.09.2019

Address: Kamionki near Giżycko (the rally base)



Will be known by 25 August.



Applications for the competition are accepted on the application form available at The following documents and statements have to be filled and delivered to the rally office before the start, on the first day of the event.

While reporting formal acceptance of the competition, the competitor shall be obliged to deliver:

  1. A driving license 
  2. A motorcycle meeting the requirement of the Traffic Code, along with a registration document and valid technical examination
  3. Proof of motor insurance
  4. A protective helmet with valid approval and motorcycle clothes with protectors
  5. A health card with valid medical examinations - competitors with license
  6. A PZM or international sports license (if applicable) relevant for motorcycle competitions
  7. Confirmation of accident insurance for the duration of the rally

And sign:

  1. A Statement of an Amateur Competitor
  2. Acknowledgement of the regulations



Address: Kamionki 5 near Giżycko (the rally base)

Phone: 607 318 880


Working hours:

  • on 05.09.2019 from 16:00 to 22:00
  • on 06.09.2019 from 8.00 to 12:00
  • on 07.09.2019 from 8.00 to 12.00



Address: Kamionki 5 near Giżycko (the rally base)

Phone: 607 318 880


  • on 05.09.2019 from 16:00 to 22:00
  • on 06.09.2019 from 8.00 to 11:00

paid additional acceptance at the cost of PLN 100



The briefing will take place on 06.09.2019 at 11.30 at the rally base



The route of the rally consists mainly of gravel roads and constitutes access to Special Sections, situated on closed private areas and traverses.

Riding on access routes is implemented in accordance with the Road Book and requires compliance with the Traffic Provisions.

Time is measured on Special Sections of the rally, which is divided into three categories:

  1. Parallel start (5 motorcycles) and motocross track ride (two laps)
  2. Individual start and loop track ride
  3. Individual start and long-distance ride by the Road Book

In total, the rally track consists of 9 Special Sections, the total distance of which amounts to approx. 50 km and off-road routes the total distance of which amoutns to approx. 400 km 


Detailed program of the event will be shared online at after 15.08.2019



The competitors are obliged to have their starting numbers appointed and delivered by the Organizer.

The starting number should be installed on the front motorcycle fairing before technical examination.




  1. The winner of the rally, in the Rally classes, is determined by the completion time of the Special Sections and passing control points (CP) designated in the Road Book.
  2. The winner is the competitor who completes Special Sections in the shortest possible time and passes through the largest number of Control Points.
  3. Three best competitors from each class will be awarded.
  4. The results of competition in individual classes are influenced by penalties imposed by the Organizer and appointed Referees. And so:
  5. gross non-compliance with the provisions of the Road Traffic, causing a collision with another participant in the rally - disqualification
  6. not stopping at the STOPfinish line (in a designated spot) - plus 30 minutes
  7. failure to follow the instructions of a Special Section Referee - plus 20 minutes or disqualification - decision of the Special Section Referee
  8. being late for the designated start times for Special Sections, arriving after the start is closed - no classification on the given section
  9. making shortcuts at a Special Section - plus 30 minutes for each incident
  10. riding outside designated route on a Special Section - passing tapes or markers - plus 20 minutes
  11. gross unsportsmanlike conduct - disqualification
  12. The Referee Committee appointed by the Organizer will decide on the results of the rally and on the final classification.




  1. The rally is dived into classes in terms of driving time in the rally (12h and 24h) and in terms of cubic capacity of the motorcycle.
  2. Classes:
  3. ADV12 - tourist class, without competition on Special Sections, designed for enduro and enduro-touring motorcycles from 250 ccm, riding time 12h
  4. Rally12 ADV - sports class, with competition on Special Sections, for motorcycles from 650 ccm to 1,200 ccm (multi-cylinder, 'heavy enduro motorcycles'), a 12h-cycle competition
  5. Rally12 - sports class, with competition on Special Sections, for motorcycles from 250 ccm to 700 ccm ('light enduro motorcycles'), a 12h-cycle competition
  6. Rally24 - sports class, with competition on Special Sections, for motorcycles from 250 ccm to 700 ccm ('light enduro motorbikes'), a 24h-cycle competition
  7. The rally is of amateur character, the participants are not required to hold a rally license.
  8. A competitor must hold a valid driving license and the vehicle must have valid technical tests and civic liability insurance.
  9. The start in the event is determined by the order of applications and the order in which the entry fee is paid.
  10. The organizer sets the limit of crews for 130 competitors (participants).
  11. Only vehicles that successfully pass the Technical Test in the rally base will be allowed to take part in the event.
  12. Technical Tests will be carried out by a person commissioned by the organizer. 
  13. The purpose of Technical Tests at the rally base is to check the lighting, condition of tires, validity of technical tests and general condition of the vehicle. A motorcycle which fails to meet the standards for off-road vehicles in a blatant manner and is not in a good technical condition will not be admitted to the rally.




  1. Each competitor participated in the costs of organizing the rally and consents to become a Member of the Association (Stowarzyszenie).
  2. Female competitors pay 60% of the entry fee.
  3. The amount of the entry fee shall be determined by the Organizer, taking into account all costs of organizing the rally, in the amount of PLN 500.
  4. Entry fee covers:
  5. organization of the rally, organization of the rally base, all the permission and consents, preparing Special Section and field trials.
  6. preparing the Road Book in printable and electronic versions for all access routes and Special Sections.
  7. accident insurance (competitors) and civil liability insurance (organizer)
  8. medical assistance
  9. referees at Special Sections and rally staff, electronic measurement of time
  10. technical assistnce - 4x4 vehicles
  11. security and transport of fuel (fuel costs on the competitor's side)
  12. starter pack (shirt, sticker)
  13. preparation of photo and video materials and coverage of the rally
  14. prizes and gifts
  15. The entry fee must be paid to the Organizer's bank account, with the title 'entry fee for EnduroRally24'.

Data for bank transfer:

Stowarzyszenie Promocji Turystyki Alternatywnej FREE

Account no 68 1140 2004 0000 3002 7842 7260

  1. The fee for accommodation is a separate cost of participation in the rally, payable on site, in the rally base, directly to the owner of Agrotourism, depending on the selected accommodation site.
  2. An additional payment is required for purchasing button for Electronic Road Book navigation - PLN 20, applicable to competitors without paper Road Book scrollers. The button remains with the competitor or a PLN 100 fee for printing Road Book in paper version.
  3. The registration fee paid is not refundable.



The Organizer shall not be liable for potential damages and losses arising to the competitors and their possessions, nor for damages and losses caused by the competitors to third persons and their possessions.

The Organizer reminds that each competitor is financially liable for potential damage in sowing, farmlands and any other damages caused by himself.

The Rally is insured against civil liability.

The participants are obliged to comply with the Traffic Code (not applicable to rallies held on closed areas).

The Organizer informs of total ban on using the rally area and route by the competitors/participants and third parties, with the exception of persons authorized by the Organizer, in the entire course of rally and preparations. In the event of violating the bans, the Organizer shall not be held responsible for resulting damage, and such damage shall not be subject to insurance claims.


The Organizing Party