Below you can find detailed schedule of 2019 edition and information concerning organization.


Date - 05-08.09.2019 (Thursday- Sunday).

Location - base camp is located in Kamionki near Giżycko.


1. The programme:

Thursday 5 September 2019

14.00 - 21.00 Registration of participants – accomodation (at the rally base).

Collection of a starter pack (a shirt, a sticker, a road book) and technical exmaination.

Necessary and formal conditions concerning the rally are specified in the regulations.

21.00 Dinner


Friday 6 September

8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast.

9.00 - 11.00 Registration of participants - accommodation (for those who did not show up on Thursday).

11.30 - 13.00 Mandatory briefing for all the racers and medical training.

13.00 - 14.30 Lunch.

15.00 Official departure for start in Giżycko. 

Three special sections will be prepared on closed tracks on that day, including a parallel start on the motocross racetrack.

The access route to Special Sections is mainly off-road. 

21.00 Dinner at the rally base.


Saturday 7 September

8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast.

9.00 Departure from the rally base, reaching Special Sections set up on very diversified areas. The access routes are off-road, picturesque Masurian gravel roads.

The starting order is determined by the results from the Friday.

Starting order by class:

  • 1. Rally24
  • 2. Rally12
  • 3. Rally12ADV


14.00 - 15.00 Break. All the participants will meet at the second rally base, where a hot meal will be served.

15.30 Start for next Special Sections.

After completing the second part of the route with Special Sections, participants from Rally12 and Rally12 ADV classes will return to the rally base via an off-road route.

The riders will be served dinner at the base.

19.00 Night section for Rally24 class begins.

21.00 Dinner at the rally base for "12h" classes.


Sunday 8 September

8.00 - 10.00 Breakfast.

10.00 - 11.00 The end of the rally and decoration

The official ending of the rally will take place on Sunday at 12.
It is possible to extend your stay in the rally base, after making individual arrangements with the owner of the Agrotourism.


2. Important organizational information.


The length of the rally route is about 400 km of off road access routes plus Special Sections.


Navigation during the rally.

Navigation on the route is carried out using the Road Book.

The choice of the Road Book type is up to the competitor.

- Paper Road Book - standard format for manual or electric scrollers (additional payment of PLN 100 for printing the rolls).
- Electronic Road Book as an RB Reader smartphone application (IOS, Android) or an RBNavPro for iPad or iPad mini.

Details concerning Electronic Road Book are specified in the regulations.

It's an innovative form of navigation. It requires constant power supply for the phone or using a power bank, as well as durable, sealed phone holder.

A button mounted on the steering wheel is used to navigate the Electronic Road Book (the button will be available in the rally base at PLN 20 fee).

The RB Reader application is available free of charge. Details on downloading the application and the Road Book will be sent to competitors with a confirmation of participation in the rally.

The RBNavPro application requires using a more expanded button and a steering module. More information at - RBNavPro

In this case, the competitor is obliged to carry out installation on his own, the organizer shares the Road Book in PDF format.


The Rally class scores will be influenced by:

  • the sums of times from all Special Sections
  • recorder passing through Check Points
  • possible time penalties

In ADV12 (tourist) class the competition will consist in passing a scored fitness route.



The following accommodation options will be available for the competitors:

- a campsite (own tents, accommodation in a bus, camper, etc.)

- the Agrotourism building - limited number of places

- Elixir hotel - 5 km from the rally base

All participants will have rally-standard sanitary facilities and showers or a hotel option at their disposal.


The rally costs include:

- entry fee (paid by bank transfer, once or in two installments)

- accommodation and alimentation fee (paid on site in cash) 


The entry fee is PLN 500 for each class.

Discount for ladies, regardless of class - 40%


The entry fee covers:

  • organization of the rally, preparation of Special Sections
  • time measurement
  • preparation of the two-days rally route (Friday and Saturday) and the night route (Rally24)
  • accident insurance (competitors) and civil liability insurance (organizer)
  • medical assistance as Special Sections
  • refereeing on Special Sections and rally staff
  • technical assistance - a 4x4 tow truck
  • securing and transport of fuel (fuel costs on the competitor's side)
  • starter pack (shirt, sticker)
  • preparation of the Road Book and navigation of the Electronic Road Book
  • preparation of photo and video materials and coverage of the rally
  • prizes and gifts

A competitor without a Road Book scroller is obliged to purchase a button for controlling the Electronic Road Book (after the rally it remains the property of the competitor). The button costs PLN 20.
The Electronic Road Book in app form is free of charge for the competitors.

Anyone who uses a scroller is obliged to pay PLN 100 for printing the rolls.


The costs of accommodation with alimentation amount to:

For those who arrive on Friday

  • campsite - PLN 220 / person
  • Agrotourism - PLN 270 / person
  • The Elixir hotel - PLN 300 / person

For those who arrive on Thursday

  • campsite - PLN 300 / person
  • Agrotourism - PLN 350 / person
  • The Elixir hotel - PLN 400 / person

Alimentation is included in the accommodation and it covers:

  • dinner on Thursday
  • breakfast on Friday
  • lunch on Friday
  • dinner on Friday
  • breakfast on Saturday
  • trail provisions
  • lunch on the route
  • dinner on Saturday
  • breakfast on Sunday

The total of 7 or 9 meals, depending on the day of arrival (Thursday or Friday).


We encourage all participants of the rally to enjoy the benefits of the common rally town. This will allow us to avoid vouchers and unnecessary administration, and to create a unique atmosphere and a pioneer ambiance of the rally base.

We believe that such formula of the rally will allow us all to experience unforgettable moments in a purely rally-like atmosphere, with Special Sections, time measurement, Road Book rides and night-time navigation.

Long off-road access route and Special Sections should be remembered as a great and well-planned rally in an atmosphere of sports competition with an emphasis on fair play rules.
And the rally base itself will help to create a friendly feeling for all the enduro fanatics.