About Rally

Enduro Rally 24 is a sports and touring enduro rally, promoting sports activity and competitive spirit, taking place in one of the most interesting regions in Poland in terms of tourism values.

The rally classes planned  will allow every enduro rider to find something that fits their style, and the special Rally24 class is a tribute to the most ambitious and persistent competitors.

Enduro Rally 24 is an innovative rally, where navigation is conducted using a scrolled or electronic Road Book, for smartphones, and the night stage is the essence of navigation in the field.

The event will take place from 05 - 08 September, 2019.

The rally route will take the participants through the area around Giżycko - Węgorzewo - Gołdap - Olecko - Ełk - Giżycko.

Rally base - Kamionki near Giżycko


All details can be found in the Program and Regulations tabs

The condition of participation in the rally is meeting the provisions of the regulations, their acceptance and completion of the application form.


We hope that participants of the Enduro Rally 24 will be responsible people, for whom the sports competition is a superior goal, and their participation in the rally will be an inspiration for everyone  to rally and together enjoy the opportunities that our partners, the landowners who will host the event and the residents of this region will offer us.

Every enduro fanatic is warmly invited to attend!


Rally organizers:

Tomek Staniszewski - a long-term organizer of off-road and enduro rallies - the Land Rover Loop, the Winter Czelendż, the Carpatia Loop and the Mamry Loop series. Organizer and participant of off-road and enduro expeditions on most continents. Author of solo enduro expeditions and off-road 4x4 projects. Participant and assistant of organizers of off-road rallies in Poland and abroad. Participant of the Ladoga Trophy rally in Russia. Author of the iDakar project and many others ...
More info on the site: www.free4x4.pl

Mirosław Antoniewicz - an off-road aficionado for the last 20 years (enduro, 4x4, horseback, bicycle). Participant and organizer of events in Europe and Africa. Creator of the Polish section of the Trans Euro Trail and many off-road rallying routes and road-books. Great fan of mountains and sleep-over in the snow. Owner of the Xcountry.pl brand - http://xcountry.pl

Member of the Motorcycle Riders Support and Rehabilitation Foundation - Facebook link


Grzegorz Urban - long-time participant of enduro and off-road 4x4 rallies. Organizer and participant of off-road expeditions, mainly in Asia and Africa. Photographer.

Maciej Więckowski - participant of rallies and off-road and enduro expeditions in Poland and abroad. A long-time combat sports competitor on national and foreign rings. Boxing coach. Extreme sports fan.

Dariusz Kuciel - works in insurance by profession. Hobby - online media in the motorcycle circles. In his free time he travels here and there on his classic enduro. Member of the Motorcycle Riders Support and Rehabilitation Foundation - Facebook link


Rally partners:

Information about rally partners in preparation.